Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Heart brooch

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make your own felt heart brooch.

You will need
Some felt cut into two heart shapes(I used 2mm thickness, but you can use thinner), polyester stuffing, lace, needle and thread, a glue gun and I brooch pin.
Attach the lace to the cut out heart shapes. Use a blanket stitch to attach the two sides of the heart. Leave a gap for stuffing. Glue the brooch pin to the back of the heart. Stuff the heart with polyester stuffing. Close the gap with some more blanket stitching and TA DA!!!

Have fun.



Kristin said...

Very cute!!

Gabby said...

I am going to make this. Tonight.

p.s. my name is Gabby too- just spelled different!

Mãos e manias said...

Soooo nice!

Lauren said...

Super cute! I love the little lace on it too. :)

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