Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Decorated gift bag.

This particular post was done by my wonderful mother. I get to see her in 3 days time, for the first time in 15months!! I let out tiny yelps of excitement every few seconds. 
Here is her tutorial.

Paper bag, ribbon, lace, glue, scissors, paper for hearts (heart punch is optional) and doll garland.

Take strip of paper as long as the parcel and about 6cm wide. Fold the strip in half and then quarter and keep folding, accordion style. Draw a doll on it and cut out. 
Very important: make sure that you don't cut the hands and feet on the folds. If you don't want to draw your own here are is a template from Honey Suckle White.

Cut 7 hearts, I used a punch. Fold them in half, wrong sides showing.

Glue a 5 cm piece of narrow ribbon on one side of heart (wrong side.)

Glue the wrong sides of the hearts together one by one. Stop when you only have two sides left to glue.

Then glue the other end of the ribbon about halfway down on to the heart (still on the wrong side) and glue those two sides together.

Finished hearts

Cut small hearts and glue them to the doll garland, then glue the garland to the bag. 

Tie the ribbon and lace around the parcel.

Tie the hearts to rest of some thin ribbon and thread it through the lace and ribbon knot

 And that is it. 

Next time you get a post from me I will be back in sunny South Africa. Kissing the soil will not be enough, I might have to roll around in it for an hour or two.