Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Inspirations

Today's inspiration (or more like word of advice) is to go outside and breathe. Stop worrying about blog posts that need to be written and go enjoy what you have been given :)

That's it

Happy Monday! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Inspirations

I'm really excited about this week, it's probably (definitely) because we have family coming to visit us for a week from Friday. So my day didn't need any brightening up - but I happened to find a blog that has 100's of sewing tutorials so my day just keeps getting better. 

Go take a look - Alina has even categorized them and each link takes you to a great tutorial - it could days to work through these :) have fun.

and THANK YOU so much Alina from adventures in home-making :)

Some (and by some, I mean tons) of sewing tutorials.

Happy Monday

lose the fear

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Inspirations

It's currently Chuseok time here in Korea - for the Koreans it means that everyone goes to their families, eats a ton of food and honors their ancestors. 
But to me it means that I get 3 days off work. ^.^  So my husband and I are spending it on the beach - a hard life, I know.

For today's inspiration I have some FREE printables for you to browse through and use at your leisure. 
Have fun.

Lunchbox notes from get buttoned up.

Free Weekly Planner Printables
A few planners(weekly planners, weekly menu planners, weekly cleaning checklists and weekly blog planners) from design finch

135 sheets worth of gift tags (trust me there are SOOO many good ones - I might triple tag all of my gifts) from Living Life as Art.

2011 Valentine Card Print Out
More adorable free printables from pumpkins and posies

A Collection of Free Thanksgiving Printables!
A collection of Thanksgiving printables from kind over matter.

I Eloole You
And a super cute pop up card from eloole.

Happy Monday!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday inspirations

Today is link to link day.
I don't always particularly like it when people (myself included) link to links that other people have made, but I have realised that sometimes other people have gathered some pretty amazing links. So let me link you to their links ;) And then you can have a look at their blogs while loving their links.

Link to link 1
Every little day has made a round up of 25 girls skirt tutorials, I know I am way past being a little girl, but I want most of these for myself.

Link to link 2
Chickabug gathered these popcorn recipes from the blog world - the pictures have an instantaneous effect on my salivary glands

Link to link 3
15 DIY purses for fall from Soap deli news

I hope you find something between all these linked links that inspires you for this week.

Happy Monday

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting a bit more organised.

I have decided to start organizing my craft area. I have realized that I often don't use certain things because they get lost in between all the other stuff and I forget that I have them. My ribbons, lace and elastic are usually all tangled up and sometimes I find a ribbon and think: "this would have worked so well in my previous project, if I had known that I had it." 

I took science at school and although I didn't always understand (listen) much I did get one thing. The Law of Energy Decay states that every system(in this case my crafts) left to its own devices always tends to move from order to disorder(chaos).

There you have it - the reason why my room never stayed tidy when I was in school and the reason why my craft corner looks the way it does now.

Here is a simple 'how to" on what I did with my ribbons and lace and I even recycled (pat myself on the back) while doing this.
1. Cut the toilet roll
2. Place it around the hanger and tape it closed
3. Wrap ribbon/lace/whatever around the roll and do this with as many rolls as you need.
4. Ta DA!!

Some superheroes have one archenemy that they fight continually throughout their lives. One of mine is the 'tendency towards disorder' - the score for battles won is not in my favor BUT at least I'm on the scoreboard now:) 

Have a great day!

If you also have organizing projects that you want to share, go to the Stitch and share challenge.