Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday inspirations

Today is link to link day.
I don't always particularly like it when people (myself included) link to links that other people have made, but I have realised that sometimes other people have gathered some pretty amazing links. So let me link you to their links ;) And then you can have a look at their blogs while loving their links.

Link to link 1
Every little day has made a round up of 25 girls skirt tutorials, I know I am way past being a little girl, but I want most of these for myself.

Link to link 2
Chickabug gathered these popcorn recipes from the blog world - the pictures have an instantaneous effect on my salivary glands

Link to link 3
15 DIY purses for fall from Soap deli news

I hope you find something between all these linked links that inspires you for this week.

Happy Monday