Monday, May 31, 2010

experiment no.2

Here is another attempt at a baby shoe - made from felt and a bit floopy but its okay. I'll keep trying.
These are ceramics that I found in Insadong - Seoul, at the market. I LOVE them. This is the link to the guys website: the cool stuff is from page 3 onwards on his blog.

Monday, May 17, 2010


And then I made these. I'm not 100% happy, although it's okay for my 1st effort. Thanks to my husbands amazing photography skills I think they look pretty good:)


Next thing I did was buy this sewing machine! It's great. It's tiny and probably good for small children to learn to sew on, which is perfect for me because I know practically nothing and really want  to learn. And it's very cute - made in china:)


Great, so I have finally started doing something here in Korea. I have discovered that Japanese and korean craft books are the way to go. They are amazing, and seem to have enough pictures so that you can figure the patterns out. So first thing I did was buy a craft book. Crafts here are called DIY. I think I will be buying quite a few of them while I am here. The reason I stumbled across the book is because I tried going for sewing classes but because the instructor is TERRIFIED of me - due to her lack of english, she said I can't go to the classes:) The classes happened to be close to a book shop, so I just browsed around and found a HUGE treasure!