Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIY cake stands

My beautiful sister-in-law got married recently, and I made some decor for her bridal shower.

A dilemma that I had was a lack of cake stands. 
Seeing as I believe that most things are DIY-able, I made some. 
 Here is what you need: 
 (I always seem to forget things out of these photos, but you get the idea)

A cardboard box
Glue (I used "no-more-nails" but wood glue works too)
A can of food of preferred height
Pretty paper (I used two sheets of scrapbooking paper per stand)
A border punch
Scissors, Pencil, Ruler
Double sided tape 

1. Cut a circle out of the cardboard box. I used a big bowl as a "template". Make sure that it is not too big otherwise the stand won't be stable enough to hold the cake/cupcakes. 
2. Make sure that you leave enough space for the top of your cake stand then cut strips of paper from the rest. I made my strips approx three and a half centimeters (1.4inches). The size of the cake stand top is going to determine how many strips you will need. I needed 2 and a teeny bit. 

3. Use the border punch to make the edges pretty.
4. Stick double sided tape to the ends of the strips and stick then together to make one long strip. 
5. Place glue (sorry I forgot to take that photo) all around the edge of the cardboard and then stick the long strip to the edge. Making sure the flat edge of the strip is level with the table (you should be doing this on newspaper - I just removed it for the photo, but for some reason, that I can't remember now, I seemed to have left my scissors in there as a model...)
6. Place it on the can/extra can to dry.
7. Take the can and measure its length, roll it along the paper as you measure it to make sure there is enough paper to go all the way around.
8. Cut it out and place double sided tape on the edges as well as on the top and bottom of the can. (if you look veeeery carefully you can see my double sided tape on the can)
9. Stick the paper to the can.
 10.Place the top of the cake stand on your scrapbooking paper and trace around it (it is okay if you leave a bit of an edge, rather too much than too little)
11. Cut it out and stick double sided tape to the paper or cardboard, which ever you prefer. 
12. Stick the paper on to the cardboard and use your scissors to trim the edges. 
13. Put some glue on the bottom of the cake stand top, where you will be placing your can. Be very generous. 
14. Place your can on the glue and put something heavy on top while the glue dries. 

repeat steps 1-14 as many times as you wish. 
This should have been a photo of pretty treats in a beautifully decorated room, BUT in all the bridal shower busy-ness, I forgot to take photos :(
I will learn from my mistakes. 

Have a great week!