Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I promise I'm not sleeping over here ^.^

Just in case you thought I was relaxing on this side and sipping a cup of tea or playing in the falling Autumn leaves...I'm not only doing that.
I have been doing a few other things too: Here are 3 of them ^.^

I made a birthday bag for a friend :)

I also made my first zippered pouch.
I inserted my first zip ever.
Then unpicked my first zip ever.
Then I shortened my first zip ever.
And then broke my first needle ever.
I did needle felting onto fabric for the first time ever (the cloud)
And then I finished making this:

I needed a handbag that was cheap and big enough to act as an overnight bag. So I bought a plain (cheap) bag and then hand sewed some of my heart on to it (Africa).

Hope you have been having some creative fun too.


Leti said...

I love the bag you made for your friend, it's beautiful! And the pouch is really cute too...

Unknown said...

I love that bag so much! And the Africa is so cool!

Katy said...

Hey, that bag is pretty stinkin' awesome. I wonder who was the amazingly lucky friend to get that... wow. I am jealous. :)

Kiiks said...

That one with the African continent on it looks like THEEEE business! Love!

Njeri said...

I found your blog by through Tipnut. I love it and I am enjoying looking at all your lovely creations and tutorials.
I love the heart detail.
Am a new follower.