Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday inspirations

I love it when bloggers make a tutorial or 101 series and so I was overjoyed on Friday when I found the following two blogger series.
The first one is called: Welcome Baby Tutorial Series from Clover and Violet.
It just started and the first tutorial is on baby bibs done by guest blogger Kim from My Go-Go Life, they are super cute.

The second one finished in Sept this year (which means you can go through it at your own pace:)
The series is for people that are new to sewing and there is something in it for everyone.
Go take a look - I will be wondering around there too :)

Just to give you a taste; the first guest post, of 24, is about pairing fabrics. It was done by another Kim but this time from Poppy Seed Fabrics.
And remember...

to have a WONDERFUL Monday!


ButtonMad said...

Lovely post...pleased to find your blog...warm wishes from south africa!