Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Inspirations

Today's baking inspiration is another one about cookie decorating, it's something that lies quite close to my heart and my stomach. The website is called Bake Greek and here are some of the great tutorials that they have so kindly shared with us all. 

Today's sewing inspiration is not actually about sewing at all...but it does fall under the classification of crafts. Last week a friend was teaching some students and challenged them on how much time they waste, and what distracts them from the actual task on hand. I listened but OF COURSE this doesn't apply to me. So on Friday,  while working on some projects, I lost my way a bit on the world wide web (this never happens ;) and I found a website called Cubee Craft - Take a look at this:
Go and have a look you can make almost any character from paper - I might have spent a few hours on Friday afternoon making Darth Vader, Dwight Shrute, Om Nom (from 'cut the rope') and Wolverine. I still have to do the Ninja Turtles... Distracted? Who me? I have no idea what you are talking about.
Oh and here is a free online version of Angry Birds that Cherie from DragonfliezCreationz so kindly shared with me:)
Happy Monday!


Dragonfliez Made said...


watch out angry birds is addicting! Hope you enjoy it though.

aditya said...

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