Sunday, May 15, 2011

Use it or lose it...

This weekend weekend I learned a few things with regards to my crafts. 

1. Stop comparing yourself to others, most of the time it makes you feel worthless.
2. Use what you've got. So many times I keep thinking if only I had.... (insert time/things/talents/skills) I could do this or that. This makes me miss out on what I can do.

In Matthew 25:14-28 The bible contains a parable about talents. Three servants get talents and the last one (who received the least) hides his. I don't know what he was thinking when he buried it - but I'm sure that if I was placed in his position I probably would have been so busy thinking about how the other servants could do more because they had been given more, and that I had practically been given nothing - so what could I do anyway, that I would have also done nothing, like he did.
The Master came back and took away even that 1 talent that he hadn't considered important - I know there are many different sermons on this parable and people could spend hours on it - but for me, for now, what I need to see is that comparison and not using what you've got leads to truly having nothing. (and in hindsight seeing that you actually did have something.) 
So here is to the talents/skills we have been given - From now on I'm planning on using what I have even if it seems like its very little.

Below is a photo of a craft group that a very dear friend of mine started in her apartment. We all just get together once a month and do whatever we are busy with, together. 
(that's my little pile of felt on the far right)


hutchess said...

Thank you for sharing that!

hutchess said...

Thank u for sharing so honestly & humbly! I too, am the one who compares and contrasts ( always concluding I do not have anything worth cultivating or sharing.)