Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Inspirations

For today's sewing inspiration I thought I'd share something that I didn't know much about until yesterday. Sorry I'm still quite unexposed when it comes to the amazing blogs and websites on the world wide web. Maybe you are too and then you will appreciate this - CRAFT SWAPS!! The name says it all - people from all over the world trade things related to crafts. Lindsay from craftbuds did a great post on it - Click here for the link.
Photos: Flickr

I'm cheating a bit (OK a lot) for the cooking/baking post, but this is something that has really inspired me a lot. A friend recently sent me this video link about reversing diabetes with raw foods. I thought it was SUPER interesting. This is the first (15min) video of a 7 part documentary.
If you have time watch it - I promise its worth it.

 Happy Monday!!