Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Inspirations

Today's cooking inspiration feels to me like a REVELATION! I have been moaning about fondant for a few years now - how it looks so pretty on cakes but I DEFINITELY don't want to eat it, it tastes gross, and therefore I have also never wanted to make it
. Darla from my bakingdom has made my week and covered it in happiness. She has taken the marshmellow fondant recipe and made it gooooood.
Here is the recipe for the marshmellow fondant.

Today's blog is quite season appropriate. And since this season has taken its sweet old time to come to Korea, I think its only fair that I harp on it for a while...Bear with me...
Bloom has some good tutorials. I liked this one in particular:
I have a thing for journals. I like writing down my conversations with God, not because He forgets what I've told Him, but rather because I forget, and then I miss the things that He is doing around me. I ALSO like buying plain notebooks and doing something with the cover, to inspire me to actually write in the journal - when I eventually get back to SA I might just dig them all up and do a blog post about it.
Happy Monday!