Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday inspirations


 Craft snob has roped in retro mama (I LOVE her stuff) to do a four part sewing 101 (she started last week).  So if you are like me and could use all the help you can get - go and have a look!


I have spent the past hour looking through evil shenanigans and I now need to get some paper towels to wipe up the large puddle of drool that has collected on my desk.
There are loads of amazing baking and cooking recipes.
 Below is a Black and white gooey butter cake (just the name generates saliva)

Black and White Gooey Butter Cake

and I had to add this ... gooey chocolate coconut bars (maybe I just like the word gooey)
Gooey Coconut Chocolate Bars
(for those of us in Korea a few substitutes/different brands are in order - but almost everything, except the almond extract,is available at home plus.)

I'm going home to make something gooey now...
Happy Monday!


Choco Pie said...

and you could probably find the almond extract at the Foreign Food Mart in Itaewon.

Gabi said...

Thanks that's good to know ^^