Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday inspirations


My choice of today's inspirational cooking/baking blog was totally determined by the cuteness factor. Bakerella made these Coraline Cookies and because I love buttons, you have to understand how happy EDIBLE buttons make me feel...

On the note of Bakerella - please keep her in your prayers. She is currently waiting for a kidney transplant. If you want to be updated, just check out her blog.

My sewing inspiration is ever so slightly influenced by my current 'Korean' situation - we have very few chairs in our apartment, not because Koreans don't use chairs but because we can't be bothered to buy expensive chairs if we are not going to live here long term. So I found this tutorial on Cluck. Cluck. Sew and thought it would be perfect to make bigger versions of these as extra seating options. Have a look at the tutorial.

 Happy Monday!


WHW Katelyn said...

The pillows are such a great idea!!! I think i'll make some too : )