Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hong Kong madness!!

I was on holiday in Hong Kong recently and I loved it!! My husband reminded me before we got there that we are moving to another country in a month and a half so we don't need any more 'stuff'. I said "You don't need to tell me that. I don't need anything. I am only going for the sights, the food and the culture."
If you have ever been to Hong Kong (which I hadn't when I made that statement) you would know what a joke that was)
I bought tons of stuff, and had I not had a logical person with me I would still be there, buying more stuff.
Thanks to a friend, who has been living there for a few years, I found the cheap fabric market - which looks more like a shack from the outside, I would have NEVER guessed they sold anything legal in there. And then we struck gold and found the row upon row of button and ribbon shops - we went back there twice... 
We also went to all the tourist markets and walked till we couldn't anymore but it was worth every moment. 
And although this blog is not about non-craft stuff, I feel I will have done you a great injustice if I don't tell you the following: if you are ever in Hong Kong - get a mango, coconut milk, sago drink (you can find them quite easily and its not the same as bubble tea). I got my fix of liquid joy every day, sometimes twice a day while we were there.
and here is some of the stuff I bought:
Yes those buttons are huge and don't you think those ribbons are stunning (and they were super cheap!!)
 Some more fabrics to add to my collection.
Baby bibs (no I am not pregnant) but they were so cute and so cheap.
And my favourite item - my new purse!! I absolutely love it.

OK that is all for now :)
If you want to read more about the travelling part of my life then you can go on over to my husbands wonderful blog: Gregandgabi.

Oh and in advance: Happy lunar new year for those of you living in Asia - Whoop whoop for the extra vacation days.



Unknown said...

Oh wow, I never even thought of all the craft stuff that you could buy there. I am sold...Hong Kong is my next trip!

Yadira said...

This is awesome! I wish I could go; I'm not moving anytime soon so I can splurge. :D