Monday, February 7, 2011

new finds!!

So this next cooking website is one that I have recently found thanks to a friend. Most of you might already know about it but it is a revelation to me.
Its called . You type in whatever you feel like making and then it gives you tons of options. The great part is the review section. Each recipe is reviewed by lots of people so you can see which ones work and what needs to be changed - PERFECT for when you want to make something for people but don't have the time to test it out first!

Pecan Pie Muffins Recipe
this was one of my golden finds. Pecan pie muffins - they were AMAZING!!

On the sewing front: here is a website that I found a while back that has a few nice sewing tutorials.  Novita is a stay-at-home mom in Tokyo and has some really good free tuts! Here are two of the projects I liked but there are more - even some dress tutorials for the more daring. The direct link to the tutorials are below the pics.
A reversible bag! Tissue cases



gregandgabi said...

wow gabi, you are so awesome and this blog rocks!!! also, i love you.