Thursday, February 24, 2011

The cushionless pin.

The tired pin wandered the streets looking for a home to rest its weary head... But it found none, instead it found my bare feet while lying on the floor and my bum while hiding in the sofa.

I must confess - I am one of those people that, up until recently, have thought of pin cushions as silly and definitely not on my list of 'things-I'm-dying-to-make'. But due to the fact that I have lost MANY pins over the last year, and that I've had too many cases of pins and needles - I quickly adjusted my list title to 'things-that-might-cause-me-to-die-if-I-don't-make-it' and so a pin cushion magically appeared on the top of my list.

At the end of this story the pin finds a home and I can walk fearlessly through my apartment again.

So here is what you will need:
4 different colour fabrics (I used scraps)

Cut out 1 base
2 sides
1 roof
2 windows
(remember to mark off the pieces with your fabric marker and leave about a 1cm edge)

Iron/pin the edges of the windows (ironing is easier but I didn't have my iron with me when I was doing this)

Sew the windows onto the base (make sure that your alignment is right)

Attach the sides as shown.

And cut small slits in the base fabric as shown in the picture to make the next step easier.

Pin and sew the sides to the base to form the walls. The right side/printed side of the fabric should be facing inwards. (when this step is complete you should have a roofless house)

Pin the ribbon in place (it should be facing inward)

Sew the roof in place, leaving one side open (right side facing inwards).

Trim the edges of the fabric and cut slits at the tips of the roof. This just gives the house a better shape when you turn it right side out.

Turn the house right side out and stuff it.

Sew closed the gap (as neatly as possible.)

And they all lived happily ever after...

If you want to download the free pattern, you can find it here. Or you can e-mail me at and I will happily mail it to you :)



jorike said...

i like!

jorike said...

i like!

Laurel {Make and Takes} said...

Adorable pin cushion! I'd love for you to submit this to the M&T Spotlight at

Whitney said...

So cute! I want to make an entire neighborhood!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable! I pinned this and hope others will too! This needs to be seen :)

Gloria_1986 said...

Really good!

Unknown said...

Can't get the link to the pattern to open. I must make this!

Unknown said...

Can't get the link to the pattern to open. I must make this!

Unknown said...

Can't get the link to the pattern to open. I must make this!