Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Inspirations

I was at a baby shower yesterday, so this morning I took a look at one of my favourite websites. Prudent baby. They never disappoint. And I thought I'd share the love with those of you that could use it :) 
nursery3 1 Make for Baby: 20 Easy Projects to Make Your Own Bedding, Gear, and Nursery Stuff
Here are 20 projects that they found/made, via Babble, that you can make for your baby/nursery.

dress16 12 Make for Baby: 25 Free Dress Tutorials for Babies & Toddlers
Shout with me: "THANK YOU PRUDENT BABY you are the BEEEEEST!!"
Maybe they will hear us if we shout together,  Horton-hears-a-Who style.

And I know that my beloved homeland is going through winter at the moment but its HOT here, and the aircon isn't working in our office - just looking at this makes me feel a bit better :) (The links are below the pics.)

I hope you have a wonderful Monday.


Ana Degenaar said...

I adore this! What a gorgeous compilation!

Candace Lynn Grubbs said...

thank you for adding my smoothie! these looks so pretty!

Gabi said...

@Candace - thank you for sharing it with us :)