Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Cup

So sorry to keep you waiting here is the finished cup that I promised you last week. 
Unfortunately my first attempt was a fail - see for yourselves...
My teacup.
The writing on the inside.
(its Afrikaans)
 The plate.
 The finished product.

And "What's the fail?" you ask...
Remember I told you I broke the handle and the lady said she could fix it...
 Umm, well...
She said she was sorry and that I could do another one for free - so here is the lesson that I learnt: If the lady says don't hold the handle while painting the cup - SHE MEANS IT :)
But I won't be discouraged because when making pancakes the first one is always bound to be a flop - but from there on you can only get better.

Check in again next week to FINALLY see the sewing project I was working on AND... (pause for the drum roll...) I will be having a giveaway to say thank you to all you lovely folk for stopping by:)

See you next week!!


Unknown said...

I can't imagine creativity whithout fails. A lovely result!

Ana Degenaar said...

So cute! I love the mending :)

bebebubu said...

I love the plate and bowl. They are absolutly beautiful.

Muhajababe said...

Is that paint or a pen? Absolutely love the idea, and it would make for a wonderful gift!

Ps. I stumbled across your blog, and make it a point to check in super often :)