Tuesday, July 12, 2011


An American friend, that I have made over here in Korea, is having a baby. She is very brave so  to show my support I made her a (my first) diaper bag - its my biggest project to date and although its not perfect - I am proud of it. 
AND the best part is that if I can do it you can too. 
I've attached the links/tutorials that I used - I would have done my own tutorial BUT because it was my first try I didn't know if it was going to be a tutorial on disasters or not.
So without further delay...... I present to you: 

(I made and attached a felted owl to suit the fabric)

Here is a better view.
On the left is a diaper/wipes holder and on the right is a diaper changing mat.

The inside:
Sorry for the blur. The bag has 11 pockets total. 7 on the inside and 4 on the outside. 

Here is the changing mat close up:
I attached vinyl. 

Here is the diaper/wipes holder up close:
This one needs a bit of fine tuning - I might have made it an eensy bit too small.

And this is how both of the above look on the inside: 
I didn't have any diapers so just imagine them in the holder :)

"So how did you do it?", you ask. Well here are the amazing tutorials:
The FREE diaper bag tutorial I got from Warehouse Fabrics Inc. (thank you thank you thank you)
(I left out the divider and piping because of my limited, but still developing, sewing skills)

Here is also a link to a whole collection of free diaper bag tutorials - so you can pick what suites your style. The train to crazy: Diaper bag tutorial and pattern roundup.

The changing mat tutorial I found here at the polka-dot umbrella. (thank you thank you thank you):
The changes I made where to use fabric and just cover one side in Vinyl. Then I attached bias tape. 

Lastly the diaper/wipes holder doesn't have a tutorial - not because I don't feel like sharing, but because it was an improv experiment. After some fine tuning, and if you want it, I will post it :)
Here are some other ones in the meanwhile.

Completed Project: Diaper Clutch Picture #1

Let me know if you have any questions and I will see if I can help :)
Have fun!!!


WHW Katelyn said...

Gabi, this was amazing!!! I couldn't believe that it was your first time sewing one! Thanks so much for posting the links! I think I'm going to try one this week and call it a "beach bag". That way if I fail it's only on me : )

And I think you should write a post about choosing fabrics, colors, and patterns for a project... cuz your stuff is sooooo stinkin' cute!!!

Sherri B. said...

You did a beautiful job...you are a dear friend indeed.

Lindsey Lett said...

so I think I might need to have another baby so you can make me another! ;) LOVE IT!

Liv said...

LOVE IT!! Beautiful fabric x

Megan Rubin said...

That is great! My sister is having a baby in November and I thought about trying to make her a diaper bag, but wasn't sure where to start. I took my first sewing class today so I think I'm off to a good start. I'll def use your links. Thank you thank thank you ;)

Gabi said...

Thanks for all the love ladies :)
@Megan - If you are taking classes you should definitely be able to do the diaper bag. Its time consuming, but not that difficult^.^

Ashleyyy85 said...

This is AMAZING! I and a friend of mine are big owl lovers and this bag had me at first sight! Im going to show her and give it a try! Thanks so much for the links! :)

Anonymous said...

This looks great! I just pinned it. I've been looking for a gift for a friend who is about to have a little girl, and this is perfect!

I'm off to do a little snooping around your blog here, but I wanted to say hi!


Gabi said...

Hi Kristi.
Feel free to snoop all you want - I hope you find some things you can use :)

Michy D said...

Hey Gabi!
I absolutely love your blog! Ek kan nie GLO hoe kreatief jy is nie! Wow! Probeer op die oomblik die baby booties maak maar wat ek weet van naaldwerk af is skrikwekkend! ha ha! My blog is ook up and running as jy wil gaan loer.


PoppyKatS said...

Loving the stuff you have been doing. Am just starting out with fabric crafting and you are a great inspiration!

HeaLuv said...

Hey I just wanted to know how you made your straps on your diaper bag?? There so awesome!!!!

Gabi said...

@HeaLuv: I bought the straps - they are made from leather. Those specific ones are from Japan but they are in Korea too - I'm sure you can find them anywhere. Maybe check a hobby lobby or craft store if you have one near you.

Andrea said...

That is a great bag. I really like the style! Nice work! Thanks for the link to my blog!

Anonymous said...

Just wanna say... I LOVE THIS DIAPER BAG! I bet your friend is crazy about it. The owl pattern is so cute, and I love the sweet diaper/wipes holder!

Laura Beth said...

I realize this is from a whole YEAR ago, but I just found it and LOVE it!! My friend asked me to make a changing mat just like the one you made..but the links don't work!! I'm fairly good at guessing a few things, but is there any chance you can tell me dimensions and if you used any interfacing for the snap?? That would be SO wonderful!! I really want to make something exactly how she wants it :)

Unknown said...

This is EXACTLY what i have been searching pinterest and every other blog for!! Im getting in to the whole handmade baby items, and i decided to start with a diaper bag and mat, this is perfect, the size, and the pockets (for my needy LO) i thankyou tremendously!!