Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's get organized...

 As I start this post I am giggling (and I think my mom would have a good chuckle too). Something you need to know about me sooner rather than later is that I am NOT very organized. I usually put stuff away in 'a-place-I-will-definitely-find-it'. Needless to say, I never find the stuff or will find it again when we move. One thing that always piles up in various areas of our house are our bills and receipts. Because my husband and I both get them I'm never sure what can go in the trash and what can't - so I make small piles in random places. So when I saw this tutorial in a Korean book that I have (its called 펠트소품 DIY - phonetically its peltuh sohpoom) I was quite excited. 
I made some minor changes to details, here and there. So here goes: 

You will need: 
4 different colour sheets of felt (2mm).
A small piece of ribbon
(beads are optional)
The template 
or Scribd version below
page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4
Unfortunately my Mac (and my lack of tech knowledge) couldn't add multiple pages to a pdf so there are four seperate pages for the template (sorry)
Apologies in advance for the bad photo lighting (most of my crafting occurs at night.)

1. Cut out the pieces from your desired felt colours. I chose white for the back piece (because I have way too much white felt and you won't see it anyway)
2. Embroider (I used blanket stitch) three clouds on to the outer piece of felt. for the detail I just used basic back stitching for the one and french knot stitches for the other - alternatively you can use small white beads (I didn't have any)
3. Embroider (I used back stitching) the words on to the required felt piece (obviously you can write whatever you please ^.^)
4. Add your own detail - This piece wasn't on the pattern, so feel free to copy it or do your own. I used cotton for the bird, black felt for the base of the cage, and black thread for the rest.
5. Attach the cloud (using blanket stitch). If you want to kill two birds with one stone, hold the ribbon (folded in half) at the back of the felt while you do this.
6. Stitch down the right side of the "bills and Receipts" piece - don't go too high, you don't want the stitches sticking out afterwards.
7. Place all your layers on top of one another and once again do a running stitch right around.
8. TA DA. You are finished. 
Now find a place to hang it!

Love and blessings 
 If you also have organizing projects that you want to share, go to the Stitch and share challenge.


Jenny said...

very cute. i like that it came from a Korean craft book :)

bebebubu said...

Hi I love your blog and have left you an award if you would like to check it out.


wintam said...

Thanks for a great idea!

alba - festotu said...

This is tooo cute! I've bookmarked your post and will make it after vacations.

By the way, I am your 100 follower! xD..

Cassie Anne ~ said...

This is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I really like this idea, thanks for sharing! I was wondering if you could put the templates on here in a different way or tell me the size of it. I can't download them at Scribd for some reason... Thank you :)

Gabi said...

I'll get back to you - Scribd seems to have good and bad days - I think its about time that I find a different way to post my patterns ;)

Gabi said...

I just checked - if you click on the download button nothing seems to happen, but if you click on print and then the download and print option it allows you to download - sorry for the hiccup. :(

Kristin said...

This is by far the cutest bill holder I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing!

Chrissy said...

This is the cutest holder! Thanks for sharing the link with the Get Organized Stitch & Share Challenge! :-)