Thursday, December 13, 2012

A bit of home decor

Let's pretend that I haven't been missing for 6 months and pick up where we left off ;)

In between starting a business I haven't had much time for decorating the apartment that we are renting. I drove past a second hand store a few months ago and saw a beautiful old ladder that only has one side. (I have been wanting one for a while and thought that I was going to have to make it.)
After convincing the owner that it would fit in my car, (and removing some things from my car that shouldn't be removed) I had the ladder and was ready to start my project. 

We are not allowed making holes in the walls in this apartment that we are renting and so I decided that I would have to make a plan to display some of our beautiful traveling photos.

Here is the end product: 
All it took was a few frames that fit into each gap, some hooks and some fishing line. 
Let me show you the back so that you can do it yourself.

Screw two small hooks into the back of each frame (space them well) and then do the same on the rung of the ladder above the frame. And attach with some fish line. Do the same for all the frames.

And you are done!



Elli by studio34e blog said...

Ok!Your idea rocks!!!I LOVE it!!!
So alternative and creative!

Alissa said...

You are seriously the cutest person ever! If you ever come visit your brother, please come and help our humble abode :) Love the ladder

apartments for rent houston said...

I love your use for the ladder. Although, you might want to add some wall decals if you're like wall quotes which shouldn't require you to dig holes. Also, some curtains would look nice. :)

Unknown said...

This is such a cleaver idea

Liz Lewis said...

Love this! Absolutely adorable! I'm now following you. Love your blog!

Hannah said...

What a cute and novel idea! Thanks :)