Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Feb desktop calendars

I love a good desktop calendar, one that makes me smile when I turn on my computer at the start of a new day.
If you don't have a desktop calendar for Feb yet, then here are some free options ;)

Feb wallpaper from Insights Into Me.

february 2012 hungry owl calendar February 2012 Calendar Wallpapers for Desktop
A few good Feb wallpaper options from Double Mesh.

Love this one from rottencupcakes

A cute one from Studio of Mae

And my new desktop calender from Pepper and Buttons.

Happy February!!!



Pippa {Pepper+Buttons} said...

Oh dear, Thank you Gabi, I'm so glad you like it - it means a lot!! Love from Pippa @ Pepper & Buttons

Alissa said...

Did you see this simple one from Love Mae?

I have it on my laptop right now, but I might go grab one of these lovelies for my school computer. Thanks for finding these! I love switching up my background.