Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Inspirations

Last weekend we had a tea at our church and afterwards I ended up with a whole bunch of empty jars. I love glass jars so I don't mind :) 
Here are some ideas for you if, like me, you find yourself in the week of Christmas with some much needed, last minute, gifting and quite a few glass jars ;)

1. Oats, Choc chip, pecan, pink m&m cookies from Bakerella.(You could do this with many cookie recipes, just make sure you layer the ingredients for extra prettiness - and add the recipe;)
2. Divine caramel sauce from mel's kitchen cafe - I REALLY WANT THIS RIGHT NOW!!
3. Some bottled hot chocolate & mini marshmellows - idea from Naturally Chic
4. Vanilla Chai Sugar Scrub from take the side street.
5. Gingerbread Playdough (for kids) but I'm sure making Gingerbread cookie dough would go down just as well :) from Sweet Sugarbelle
6. And although this has nothing to do with jars or gifts, this DIY Santa ornament was too cute to leave off the list. Thanks How About Orange.

Enjoy all the festivities building up to Christmas and if you are on vacation (unlike me:) then please enjoy that too :)

Happy Monday!!


Lindsey Lett said...

I am liking the new look. :) Very Gabi-esk.