Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Inspirations

Todays post was inspired by the following conversation that I had this past weekend.

Me: "Look at all this wonderful cheap washi tape I found at Diaso yesterday."
Friend 1: "I KNOW!! It's wonderful isn't it, I bought a few rolls as well."
Friend 2: "So what are you going to do with it?"
Me: "Well, (pause) umm... (pause and look to friend 1)
Friend 1: "Well, you see...(pause) Umm.. Well its pretty and pretty things always have a use, we will think of something eventually."

So I went ahead and did some washi tape research for those of us who buy stuff because its pretty :) 
Washi tape originated in Japan, it is a pretty (we have established this) tape that comes in different colours, patterns and widths.  It can be similar to regular sticky tape (translucent) or masking tape. It is generally used for scrapbooking but it can be used in many other projects.

Well here are some ideas for your pretty tape :)
1. Use washi tape to recycle an old glass bottle into a vase by sweet paul.
2. Mini bunting from the red thread.
3. Bunting for homemade cards from sideoats & scribbles.
4. Washi tape coasters from japanistic.

5. Cocktail stirrers (but you could use these as cupcake toppers too) from Martha Stewart.
6. How to customize plain ceramics from how about orange (one of my favourite blogs.)
7. A washi tape table from Kelly Oshiro Events.
8. Some super cute soap wrappers by Prunella Soap on etsy. 

And then lastly, if some of you can't get hold of washi tape and need to look for alternatives  - here is a tutorial by just something i made for handmade custom paper tape.

Happy Monday!


WHW Katelyn said...

I used some to add a little color to my very white boring cabinets.