Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fabric scraps #2

I know that many people don't agree with me but I never grow tired of bunting. There are so many different types (they don't always need to be triangles) and its just so functional. I had to make some quick bunting with fabric scraps for an event at church and I thought I'd share it with you. Another fabric scraps tutorial is overdue anyway ;) Here is my previous fabric scraps tutorial: Fabric scraps #1

Sometimes you really want bunting but you really don't feel like taking the whole day to do it. So you cheat ;) and use glue!

You will need: 
Fabric scraps
Glue (I used wood glue because that is what I had)

1. Cut equal size rectangles out of your fabric scraps cut a 'pizza slice' out of each of them :)

2. Place a good stripe of glue on the top (back) of the fabric flag and place the string on top of it. 

3. Fold the top of the flag over and press it down to make sure the glue sticks. 

Keep doing this until you are happy with the length of your bunting. To prevent any 'face palm' moments remember to leave a piece of string open before you start glueing the flags, and then again after you finish. So that you can tie the bunting where ever you choose to place it.

And TA DA!!!!



Pitusas y Petetes said...

Me encantan y que fáciles de hacer, son muy decorativos.

Bikiños ♥
Oli Silva

Kristin said...

So cute!

Lindsey Lett said...

Love this. :)