Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fabric tape (scraps #1)

A while back I showed you my fabric scrap stash and promised to start doing some projects with it. Well here is the long awaited first project.

By this time you know about washi tape and if you live in SA you have probably deprived yourself of a meal or two to be able to save the cash to buy some ;)
Here is an alternative - Fabric tape. 

You will need: 
Some double sided tape (I used a width of 1,5cm)
A strip of fabric
A pair of Scissors

1. stick the double sided tape to the fabric, smoothing it out as you go. (you should iron your fabric first but I was lazy)
2. Use your scissors to cut down the one side of the double sided tape. Try and stay as close to the tape as possible.
3. Cut down the second side as well.

And you are done.
 Here is the tutorial for the cardboard spool that I wrapped my tape around ;)



Gill said...

What a great idea!! so simple - thanks!

Phumi said...

you made your own wash tape - thats uber cool....

Anonymous said...

Very cute! But, do the sides fray?

Gabi said...

The sides only fray if you don't cut them close enough to the tape. :)

Pam Emerson said...


delphinophile said...

Hello mate nice post