Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Inspirations

It's currently Chuseok time here in Korea - for the Koreans it means that everyone goes to their families, eats a ton of food and honors their ancestors. 
But to me it means that I get 3 days off work. ^.^  So my husband and I are spending it on the beach - a hard life, I know.

For today's inspiration I have some FREE printables for you to browse through and use at your leisure. 
Have fun.

Lunchbox notes from get buttoned up.

Free Weekly Planner Printables
A few planners(weekly planners, weekly menu planners, weekly cleaning checklists and weekly blog planners) from design finch

135 sheets worth of gift tags (trust me there are SOOO many good ones - I might triple tag all of my gifts) from Living Life as Art.

2011 Valentine Card Print Out
More adorable free printables from pumpkins and posies

A Collection of Free Thanksgiving Printables!
A collection of Thanksgiving printables from kind over matter.

I Eloole You
And a super cute pop up card from eloole.

Happy Monday!!


Ana Degenaar said...

I love planning!

rika daniel said...

thanks for sharing, have a great day! :)