Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting a bit more organised.

I have decided to start organizing my craft area. I have realized that I often don't use certain things because they get lost in between all the other stuff and I forget that I have them. My ribbons, lace and elastic are usually all tangled up and sometimes I find a ribbon and think: "this would have worked so well in my previous project, if I had known that I had it." 

I took science at school and although I didn't always understand (listen) much I did get one thing. The Law of Energy Decay states that every system(in this case my crafts) left to its own devices always tends to move from order to disorder(chaos).

There you have it - the reason why my room never stayed tidy when I was in school and the reason why my craft corner looks the way it does now.

Here is a simple 'how to" on what I did with my ribbons and lace and I even recycled (pat myself on the back) while doing this.
1. Cut the toilet roll
2. Place it around the hanger and tape it closed
3. Wrap ribbon/lace/whatever around the roll and do this with as many rolls as you need.
4. Ta DA!!

Some superheroes have one archenemy that they fight continually throughout their lives. One of mine is the 'tendency towards disorder' - the score for battles won is not in my favor BUT at least I'm on the scoreboard now:) 

Have a great day!

If you also have organizing projects that you want to share, go to the Stitch and share challenge.


EasterBunny said...

Aagh Ma se kind, you are growing up. Is good. Love you lots

Glo ♥ Matilda Mota said...

wow! nice idea!
I like it!

Chrissy said...

Love the ribbon holder (and the sign about cleaning! :-) ... thanks for linking up to our Get Organized Series. :-)

philomène said...

Oh, what a good idea !

Даритта said...

Замечательная идея! Спасибо большое :)
У вас очень красивая гамма лент и кружев получилась.