Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have been avoiding the issue (that I don't have a functional sewing machine) for a few months now. Which has resulted in me having to partake in patience classes by doing a lot of hand sewing.  
BUT on Saturday my wonderful friend Karin took me sewing machine shopping.  I was looking for a second hand sewing machine (because I will have to leave it in Korea when we eventually move back to South Africa) but neither of us knew how to say 'used' in Korean. After 30 min of charades and us repeatedly saying the word 'used' to the shop owner, and him saying the word 'joong-go' everytime we pointed at a machine that looked oldish, we tried good old google translate. And then we found out that used and joong-go were one and the same... AND so this wonderful outing resulted in me obtaining a new friend. Let me introduce you, this is Grace. (My husband names his guitars so I think its only right that I name my sewing machine :)
Over the past few days Grace has helped me to attack my pile of 'clothes that need to be fixed' and make a quick baby bib. I have been wanting to try out applique for a while and I have wanted to make a bib for about a year now (once again not for me). So here is my first attempt at both:

Not perfect but give me some time - I'll get there...
Oh and the little guy wanting a carrot is called Sumbunny.You will see more of him in the future.


Sherri B. said...

Congrats on your new machine 'Grace'! I have named two of my older machines also..they just need names don't they.?
Love the bib, very cute. Have fun with your new friend.

WHW Katelyn said...

Yay!!! congratulations on teh new addition to your family!!!