Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fabric scraps

After about 6 months of non-stop sewing I am finally sort-of on vacation.
Its been a crazy, fun, tough, exciting time and I wouldn't change any of it.
And after all of the craziness I'm left with fabric scraps.
Tons (ok maybe kilograms) of scraps. I'm not a hoarder but if something is pretty, no matter how small it is, I think it deserves a chance to be something. So I haven't thrown away any scraps yet - When I start drowning in them I might.

Most blogs I look at seem to only generate scraps like this...
 Mine seem to look like this....(these are not all the bags ;)

So I've decided to save what I can and try make something of all these little pretty pieces. In my head I'm planning on doing hundreds of beautiful sewing projects that will be uplifting to many. In reality I might make one or two small things before I move on and close my scrap cupboard door for another few months where the scraps will probably grow to double the size. 

Here they all are in a more sorted, trimmed fashion. Still not like the first photo but way better than the second ;)

Come back and visit to see what I decided to do with them :)



Phumi said...

so glad you are back in blog world - you have been missed :)