Sunday, May 20, 2012


I'm back from all my travels in the States and SA and I will still blog about it when life returns to perceived normalcy. 
For now here are a few inspirations. 

1. DIY hand lettered gift wrap from The Sweetest Occasion. 
2. How to sew with knit fabrics from Ask Dana on Made (if you haven't been to her website yet you are missing out - she is possibly one of my favourite bloggers.)
3. DIY fabric labels from Just
4. Make your own photo props from The Letter 4.

I will be back soon and watch this space because some exciting changes are going to be happening on bee-inspired in the near future. 



Alissa said...

Gabi! I was just thinking the other day, "I miss Gabi's inspirational Mondays!" So glad to see this this morning. I can't wait to hear about your travels and how life has been for you! I love your new layout - so cute! Miss you friend!

aspen summit said...

Thanks so much for featuring the diy fabric labels! xo