Wednesday, April 18, 2012

iPod/ iPhone holder tutorial

My iPod has many scratches on it. It gets dropped often and its home is my chaotic handbag, shared with many sharp objects like lost hairpins and sometimes sewing needles. So for today's tutorial I thought I'd share a quick iPod/ iPhone holder tutorial. 

You will need: 
A piece of felt 8.5cm x 23cm (3.3" x 9.1")
A leather strap snap button (you can buy this at most hobby shops)
Thread and preferably a sewing machine.

(Quick apology - some of these photos were taken at try to ignore the blurriness;)

1. Sew two straight lines down the length of the piece felt. Aprox 2.5cm (1")  from the side and 0.8cm (1/4") apart. 
2. Sew two straight lines across the width of the felt. Aprox 8cm (3.1") from the top of the front of the felt.  And 0.8cm (1/4") apart.
3. Fold the piece of felt in half and sew along the seams, preferably in the same colour as the felt.
4. Attach the front part of the snap button. (Some hand stitching is required here.)
5. Attach the back of the snap button.
6. And TA DA!!

My iPod loves me for this, do yours a favour too ;)



Kristin said...

Awesome!! My phone is soooo in need of one of these.

OneWord said...

Very cute! I love the simplicity. Thanks for sharing!