Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Inspirations

Today I am thankful. 
Thankful that God gave people bits and pieces of His creative side. I love seeing people's creativity and  today I have gotten a real kick out of browsing through people's blog posts, old and new, and getting my inspiration fix for the week. 

I have made a few links (below the pics) for you who do not have the time to amble lazily through blog land.

1. Page corner bookmarks from 'I could make that'
2. A DIY camera purse/bag from 'vanilla and lace'
3. A clock DIY makeover from 'wonderful joy ahead'
4. A toadstool tutorial from 'so you think you're crafty'
5. A DIY rubber mustache stamp from 'the sweetest occasion'
6. (my personal favourite of the day) Little monsters tutorial from Alisa Burke

Oh and just so you can get excited with me - I featured on scrapbook etc. recently :) and I made it on to this list :) (no. 46 under crafts and craft supplies)
 I'm currently doing my happy dance.

I hope that you have a great week.
Happy Monday!


Glenys said...

They are so prettyyy.....