Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Inspirations

A few weeks ago my school had a holiday but my husband had to go to work. Today he gets to stay at home and I have to be at work - I'm not liking this side of the fence so much. Maybe if I hadn't rubbed it in as much it wouldn't have come around and bitten me in the bum...
So I need some extra inspiration today.

For sewing/crafting: here are some easy, beautiful tutorials:

Lace flower hair clip from Aly & Ash 

Petticoat Tutorial by Alisa Burke
I think this is pretty enough to just be a skirt . If you click on the link you have to scroll down past the eggs and also the BEAUTIFUL butterfly wreath.

DIY gift wrap by Grey Likes Weddings (found on style me pretty)
The tutorial is for the box middle left :)

On the baking side: Bake at 350 recently did a tutorial for these INCREDIBLE looking cookies:
(also note I've given up apologizing for my obsession with cookies - you will just have to deal with it ^.^)

 Fried Chicken Cookies

Enjoy and HAPPY MONDAY!!


Ana Degenaar said...

I am already inspired! Loved these!