Friday, February 11, 2011

in the spirit of valentines day...

So I am not a valentines day fanatic but I confess I LOVE hearts, SOOOOO I have a good excuse (not that I needed any;)  to spread the loooooove.

I recently acquired some cookie cutters (actually playdough cutters but why pay loads of money when you can pay 1000won (about 1 dollar/R7). Among them was a heart shape. So I decided to make some heart shaped sugar cookies with a twist.

Here is where I got my recipe for the cookies:
(dont be put off by the word christmas - these are AMAZING sugar cookies.)

Armed with my heart shaped cookie cutter I let the dough have it. Then baked them.
Then after they cooled off I took out my chunky peanut butter and stuck the hearts together in pairs - because thats how valentines day works.

Then I melted some chocolate and paired them till death do they part. (which happened shortly after)

If you are not sure how to do the chocolate dunking thing - without getting super dirty and having fingerprints all over your cookies - go look at this "how to" video:

And then TA DA!!!!

Oh and lets give credit where credit is due. THANKS to my amazing husband for these photos. If you want to see more of his photos or read about our travels you can look at his blog:


gregandgabi said...

OUR blog :D

Mariette said...

o my hat die koekies lyk FLIPPEN LEKKER OEEEEEEEEEEEE wens ek kon een hap! wel gedaanm super cool post! love die koekies jou comments en die fotografie. Boy, what a team o'boys!

ia said...

Hallo Ma se kinner,jy maak my lekkerkry as ek kyk na wat jy alles doen. Have fun, love you lotsxxxx

Meredith Lee Priesmeyer said...

Yum! Wher are mine? Looks great!