Thursday, January 20, 2011


Seeing as its a new year, and I have not blogged in a VERY long time, its probably time to change things a little.
As of now - I will post tutorials of almost everything I make - and if I didn't post a tut, you have full right to ask me for one - I may/may not have a good reason why there is not tut.
I am also going to start posting my cooking (mostly baking experiments). That was the original plan a - cooking and sewing blog.
And lastly I will try and give you a few blogs (every now and then) that inspire me. There are some AMAZING blogs out there!

So here are a few to start you off:
Cooking: favourite blog at the moment - I should probably give you a week or two to chew on this one before giving you another one :)

Sewing: - I could hang out on this blog for days!!!!!

Thats all for now - but my baby booty tutorial will be on the blog SOOOON!!!!