Saturday, October 16, 2010

Carli and baby Kotze's booties

The booties I have made before are all exactly from the pattern, so these ones are my first experiment with adjusting the sizes - these are made to fit a newborn - they are teeny, can't believe that humans can be that small...And I got to use my Japanese fabric. Looking forward to baby Kotze making his entrance in to the world!

I made these booties for a special little lady called Carli. And I got to try out my new fabric stamps from Japan: note the cupcake:)


theona geduld said...

wow miss! (can i still call you that?!) these are theee cutest... i've always enjoyed crafts, but never have me-time to get anything done, let alone started... i am going to give these booties a shot (i have a family friend whom it will make a gorgeous gift for)... thanks for the insiration... theona g! :)