Saturday, September 25, 2010


So Japan was absolutely amazing and although craft shopping did occur it was not at the top of the agenda. I did however realise that Korea's fabrics are just as good as Japans, if not better in some cases - so I only bought one (shocking I know.)
Another of the many obsessions that I have is stamps, and I found some cute ones that I can use on my fabrics. I also found that most of the craft stuff had stickers on that said, made in China - I will be visiting China in Feb 2011!!!!!!

One of the main things I wanted to buy was a Japanese sewing book, and I got this great one about baby clothes, booties, bibs etc. Japan was a great inspiration and I'm excited to get started with the next project.


Jorike Schrader said...

Please put the boots as a tut! Would love to try!!:)

Gabi said...

I'm on it:)

Jorike Schrader said...